Ed Hollis – London

"Recently I came into Ben Mirkin to have an eye exam after being highly recommended by a relative. The professionalism and the way the test was administered was amazing. AS I had previously got glasses from a high street chain. Some of the tests that were given I had never received before. I paid less than 60 on lenses and glare resistance. I went back today to have my lenses and frames put together. I am very happy with the lenses and the quality of service that I received. I would not hesitate to recommend you to my family and friends. Never again will I use a high street chain for glasses. Best Wishes"

Julia Lee – Guildfo

"I got my new glasses within 5 days and I still can't believe I only paid £40 for a lens that I have paid up to £200 for in the past. Never again will I be buying my lenses in the high street. I am recommending all my friends to you too"

Tony Chadha – London

"I loved the fact that I could call up and speak to somebody who could guide me through the right kind of lens for me. The service was second to none, and the gentleman I spoke to knew a heck of a lot more than anybody who had sold glass-
es to me in the past. I felt extrem-ely happy and am pleased to say my glas-
ses arrived a few days later and I am delighted...."